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sometimes I think about how my faith in god never literally held a candle to my faith in fairies

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heroin addict? no, heroine addict. please give me more leading ladies i need them to survive

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I texted [Ryan Murphy]. I said ‘people are very upset Finn and Rachel broke up!’ I tell him all the time! I like, exaggerate it. 

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Always carry yourself like you just got best photo in Americas Next Top Model even when your life feels like you’re constantly in the bottom two


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He had it coming, he had it coming, he only had himself to blame 

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sancriss replied to your post: GLEE HAVE NEVER DONE A TAYLOR SWIFT SO…

they did mine and mean, but i’m still waiting and wanting the iconic ones too!!!! i hope we still have time for see it changing! idk why they didn’t cover at least 22 when it explodes :(

hehe see i knew when i posted that i’d be proven wrong but yeah i want the iconic ones; 22!!! knew you were trouble!! never getting back together!!! YOU BELONG WITH ME!!!


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isn’t it weird that we pay money to see other human beings?


constellationdraco replied to your post: basically my top ot3 is darren cr…

this hits me on all my 14 year old obsessions

basically dude ive found that the greatest way to live is to do so by shamelessly admitting your love for your 14 year old obsessions which never ever ended and never will

beatlesgrl replied to your post: GLEE HAVE NEVER DONE A TAYLOR SWIFT SO…

They did Mine?

oh yeah!!! but they have never done an iconic tay song ;((

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